President Ruto Encourages Chinese Investors to Explore Kenyan Opportunities in Energy, Water, and Housing

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President William Ruto has urged Chinese investors to explore investment opportunities in Kenya, particularly in the energy, water, and housing sectors.

During his visit to China’s Engineering Corporation Limited, he witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Kenyan Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and Energy China, aiming to enhance the flexibility and reliability of Kenya’s electrical power system, power generation, and other aspects of the energy sector. President Ruto also signed an MoU with Huawei to promote digital transformation in Kenya.

Kenyan President William Ruto has called upon Chinese investors to consider opportunities in Kenya’s energy, water, and housing sectors during his visit to China’s Engineering Corporation Limited.

Ruto, while touring the company, expressed the country’s readiness to support foreign investors who can add value to Kenya’s abundant raw materials, especially in these areas.

The visit included the signing of an MoU between Kenya’s Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and Energy China, focusing on optimizing the electrical power system, power generation, transmission, distribution, and more.

Chairman of the organization Song Hailiang expressed their willingness to collaborate with Kenya in projects that uplift the lives of its citizens.

Additionally, Kenya signed an MoU with Huawei to advance digital transformation in various sectors like transportation, e-government, education, and digital energy. This collaboration will contribute to Kenya’s Digital Superhighway and Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda.

President Ruto highlighted the importance of developing a green, digital, and creative economy in Kenya, commending Huawei for its commitment to digital inclusion. Technology advancements by Huawei and Safaricom have facilitated the shift of 13,000 government services to digital platforms.

Chairman of Huawei’s Board of Directors, Dr. Liang Hua, expressed Huawei’s readiness to collaborate closely with the Kenyan government to enhance the digital and creative economy in Kenya.

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