Deputy President Exposes Drunken Chief at Burial, Vows to Fight Illicit Liquor

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  • Deputy President discloses the presence of a chief drinking during the day at a funeral in Nyeri, emphasizing the need to combat illicit liquor.
  • He calls for action against administrators involved in alcohol consumption and warns against undermining government efforts.

During a funeral in Nyeri, the Deputy President expressed his dismay over a chief who was seen drinking during the day, exposing the administrator’s behavior to the mourners. In his speech, he stated, “County commissioner, a chief is already at the bar right now as we speak. I will give you his name so that you can send your officers and have him arrested.” He emphasized his commitment to fight illicit liquor, saying, “We cannot have alcoholic chiefs in this country.”

The Deputy President expressed regret over the chief’s actions, highlighting the contradiction it posed to the government’s efforts to combat the sale of illicit alcohol, particularly in the Mt Kenya region, and address alcoholism. While he refrained from disclosing the chief’s name publicly, he provided the necessary details to the County Commander for the arrest.

He further emphasized the importance of responsible behavior from government officials, stating, “There is no drunk chief who will work in this government. They will decide whether they want to drink or work.” The Deputy President warned against undermining the government’s resolve to tackle alcoholism and urged officials to support the ongoing fight against illicit brews.

In a previous event, the Deputy President had made it clear that the government would not tolerate officials straying from the commitment to combat drugs and alcoholism. He reiterated that the fight against the sale of illicit brews was a nationwide endeavor.

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