Probe Initiated After Fatal Stampede During Mashujaa Day Celebrations in Kericho

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The Ministry of Interior has launched an investigation following a tragic stampede at Kericho Green Stadium during Mashujaa Day Celebrations, which resulted in the death of four women and injuries to several others. The ministry expressed deep sadness and promised to prevent such incidents in the future. Those injured are recovering at Kericho County Referral Hospital.

The Ministry of Interior has commenced an inquiry into a tragic incident during the Mashujaa Day Celebrations at Kericho Green Stadium, where a stampede led to the loss of four lives, primarily women, and left approximately ten individuals injured, including both civilians and police officers.

Ministry spokesperson Prof. Kithure Kindiki conveyed the government’s condolences and called for the public’s cooperation and calm as investigations into the circumstances of the incident proceed.

All the injured are currently receiving medical attention at Kericho County Referral Hospital and are in stable condition.

According to the police, the stampede occurred just before the stadium gates were opened. A tea vendor reportedly spilled hot tea onto an open fire outside gate ‘C,’ causing panic as attendees mistook the smoke for tear gas. The resulting chaos led to the stampede.

The Ministry of Interior assured that the injured are recuperating at the hospital and the deceased are in the morgue for identification and postmortem examinations. Investigations are ongoing to ascertain the exact causes and prevent such incidents in the future.

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