Maandamano Wednesday: Nairobi Expressway Temporarily Closed as Nationwide Protests Erupt

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Ongoing anti-government demonstrations lead to closure of Nairobi Expressway

Protests disrupt transportation and paralyze businesses across the country; Nairobi, Migori, Nyeri

A section of the Nairobi Expressway has been closed temporarily as nationwide protests continue to unfold. Motorists are advised to use the Westlands-Mlolongo route for exiting JKIA, while those heading to Westlands should join the road from JKIA Toll Station. However, disruptions caused by the protests are not limited to the expressway alone.

In various parts of the country, protesters have clashed with the police, leading to the deployment of tear gas and road blockades. Mbagathi Way has become a target for attacks with vehicles being attacked. Incidents of vandalism have also been reported, including the destruction of barriers and toll stations near Mlolongo. The effects of the protests are visible as potted flowers on the Mlolongo section of the Nairobi Expressway are destroyed, and Jogoo Road, which is normally one of the busiest roads in the capital, remains eerily empty.

Migori County witnesses paralysed businesses as Azimio anti-government protests gain momentum. Police maintain vigilance in the area, monitoring the situation as protestors gather at various locations within the town.
In Nyeri County, transportation comes to a halt as PSV drivers stage demonstrations against the high cost of fuel. Matatu operators in Nyeri Town also protest against the mandatory re-testing of drivers by NTSA and the escalating fuel prices.

Meanwhile, Eldoret residents take to the streets, expressing their discontent with the rising cost of living.

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