Violence Erupts in Kitengela During Anti-Government Protests”

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Police officer injured, protesters shot dead, and property damage reported in Kitengela as demonstrations turn violent

Residents express shock at the unprecedented unrest in their neighborhood

In the midst of anti-government protests, a police officer in Kitengela has sustained injuries and is undergoing treatment at the sub-county hospital. The town witnessed escalating violence as residents burned tires and joined the demonstrations. The unprecedented unrest in Kitengela has left residents shocked and concerned.

Photo: Peterson Githaiga

Tragically, two protesters have been shot dead in Kitengela, Kajiado County while three others lost their lives in Mlolongo, Machakos County. The use of firearms during the protests has intensified the tensions and added to the growing sense of unease.

Reports from the ground reveal acts of destruction, with protesters vandalizing the Expressway in Mlolongo. In Kitengela, the situation deteriorated further as looting occurred, fueled by police provocation. The unrest escalated into running battles between protesters and law enforcement, with attempts to raid the Kitengela Police Station.

Videos circulating on social media including depict the chaotic scenes, including a police post set on fire and an ambulance struggling to navigate through the crowds. The gravity of the situation is evident in the reactions of Kitengela residents, who expressed their astonishment at the scale and intensity of the unrest.

One Twitter user shared their perspective, stating, “I have lived in Kitengela since 2014, and I have never witnessed protests like this before. This is the newest thing in our neighborhood. We are enduring tear gas like yams.”

Courtesy: @TeyaKevin

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