Treasury Secretary Responds to Salary Over-Budgeting Allegations

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Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u addresses allegations of over-budgeting salaries, calling for an audit to uncover the truth.

Controller of Budget reveals discrepancies in salary budgeting for senior officials, prompting a demand for an immediate investigation.

National Treasury Cabinet Secretary, Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u, has responded to claims made by the Controller of Budget, Margaret Nyakang’o, regarding alleged over-budgeting of salaries for State officers, including her own, by the National Treasury. Speaking before the National Dialogue Committee, Prof. Ndung’u stated that he has already referred the matter to the Auditor General to ascertain the facts, emphasizing the need for concrete evidence before making allegations.

“We don’t want to have that kind of connotation that we have institutionalized corruption. This is actually theft of public funds if it was actually taking place. We disburse money on the basis of budget,” said the Treasury Secretary.

Nyakang’o, during her appearance before the National Dialogue Committee, disclosed how the Treasury consistently over-budgeted salaries for senior government officials through the Consolidated Fund Services. In one example, her annual salary was originally budgeted at Ksh. 17.82 million, significantly more than her actual annual income of Ksh. 9.18 million. Even after a reduction to Ksh. 10.15 million, it remained higher than her earnings.

Furthermore, the Treasury budgeted Ksh. 42.4 million for the President and his deputy’s salaries and allowances, whereas their official gazetted salaries amount to Ksh. 32.05 million, creating a Ksh. 10.35 million difference.

Nyakang’o’s call for an immediate audit aims to address what she sees as a budgeted corruption loophole affecting numerous senior government officials.

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