Nairobi Commits to Green Future with Electric Motorcycle

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Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja applauds Roam’s electric motorcycle project, emphasizing the city’s aim to become net-zero in carbon emissions, promoting clean mobility and job creation.

Nairobi takes a crucial step towards a greener future with the launch of the Roam electric motorcycle project. Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja praised the project, which covers around 10,000-kilometer area, for contributing to the city’s goal of becoming net-zero in carbon emissions. The initiative aims to reduce fuel costs for riders and create job opportunities through assembling and manufacturing electric bikes.

Governor Sakaja urged Roam to expand charging stations across all constituencies in Nairobi to avoid congestion and support clean mobility. With charging stations already available in Nairobi,

PHOTO COURTESY|: E-bike charging stations

the project is set to revolutionize commuting, providing users with the convenience of charging their batteries at home or using the Roam hub stations.

Assembling in-house and locally sourcing parts, Roam ensures quality and sustainability. Lucy Mugala, Battery Engineering Manager at Roam, revealed that the battery lifespan is about 3 years, with an hour required to charge between 20 to 80 per cent of the battery’s capacity.

Governor Sakaja tweeted in support of the project, highlighting the city’s commitment to job creation, climate action, and promoting mobility through eco-friendly transportation.

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