Kenya Embraces Eco-Friendly Commuting with Electric Motorcycle

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President William Ruto inaugurates a 50,000-capacity electric motorcycle assembly plant by Roam, promoting clean transportation solutions and job opportunities in the automotive industry.

Kenya takes a major step towards eco-friendly transportation as President William Ruto unveils the 50,000-capacity electric motorcycle plant established by Roam, a Swedish e-mobility firm. This move comes after the company successfully launched electric buses for public transport. With about 200 motorcycles already assembled and ready for the market, the plant showcases Kenya’s potential as a leader in clean transportation solutions.

The President emphasized the alignment of this initiative with national climate change action and economic growth goals. He stated, “The assembly plant will not only contribute to our environmental goals but also foster economic growth by creating job opportunities and nurturing local talent in the automotive industry.”

Photo: President Ruto having a test ride of the new electric motorcycle by Roam

Roam’s electric bikes aim to electrify common road users, and in support of this, the government has cut key taxable areas linked to electric bicycles. The value-added tax (VAT) on all electric bicycles has been reduced to 16%, while spare parts, batteries, and charging equipment are now VAT-exempt.

Lower electricity tariffs will be used at the charging stations. President Ruto projects that by the end of the next year, the country will have about 200,000 electric bikes, significantly reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable mobility.

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