Mystery Illness Hits Eregi Girls High School, Over 60 Students Hospitalized

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An unidentified illness has struck Eregi Girls High School in Kakamega County, resulting in over 60 students being hospitalized. The students are experiencing difficulty walking, with initial tests suggesting fluid loss.

A mysterious illness has swept through Eregi Girls High School in Kakamega County, leaving more than 60 students hospitalized. According to reports, 30 students have been admitted to Kakamega Level Five Hospital, 20 to Shibwe Hospital, and 10 to Iguhu Hospital.

All affected students are exhibiting a similar symptom: difficulty in walking. Concerningly, reports indicate that more students are being rushed to various healthcare facilities across the county as the situation unfolds.

Initial laboratory tests have provided some clues, indicating elevated electrolyte levels among the students. This suggests a significant loss of bodily fluids.

In response to this health crisis, medical experts from the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) are scheduled to visit the school on Tuesday to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the situation and provide insights into the nature of this mysterious illness.

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