Kenya Allocates Ksh.741 Million and Land for WHOAFRO Emergency Operations Hub

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The Kenyan government has dedicated Ksh.741 million and 30 acres of Kenyatta University land to support the establishment of the WHOAFRO Regional Emergency Operations and Logistics (OSL) Hub. This move aims to strengthen responses to public health emergencies in the region.

In a significant step towards bolstering responses to public health emergencies, the Kenyan government has allocated Ksh.741 million (USD 5 million) and set aside 30 acres of Kenyatta University land to facilitate the creation of the WHOAFRO Regional Emergency Operations and Logistics (OSL) Hub.

This allocation follows a productive meeting in Nairobi between Public Health Principal Secretary (PS) Mary Muthoni and representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO). The meeting was part of ongoing efforts to bridge gaps in responding to critical public health crises.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) issued a statement, highlighting the significance of this collaboration. “PS Mary Muthoni, and Mr. Adama Thiam, Head of Operations & Logistics Management at WHO-AFRO, had a productive meeting with Norwegian officials, led by Ambassador for Global Health at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, John-Arne Rottingen, advancing this critical endeavor,” the MoH statement conveyed.

The Ministry stressed the promising impact of the OSL Hub, not only for Kenya but also for the broader region. “Ms. Muthoni noted that the hub holds the promise of a brighter future for emergency response, not only in Kenya but also across the region.”

Recognizing the critical role of resilient health systems, the MoH emphasized the need for countries to prioritize healthcare quality even during emergencies. It pointed out that operational aspects such as supply chain management and logistics, which constitute a significant portion of emergency response efforts, have historically been underfunded.

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