Kenyan Musician Embarambamba Explains Why He Wore Skirt in Music Video

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Kenyan musician Embarambamba wore a skirt in his latest music video. The video went viral, and some people criticized Embarambamba for wearing a skirt.

Embarambamba has now come clean on why he wore a skirt in the video. He said that he was trying to make a statement about gender stereotypes.

“I wanted to show that it’s okay for men to wear skirts,” Embarambamba said. “There’s nothing wrong with it.”

Embarambamba said that he was inspired by the Maasai people, who traditionally wear skirts. He said that he wanted to show that “there’s no one way to be a man.”

Embarambamba’s decision to wear a skirt has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised him for his courage, while others have criticized him for being “disrespectful” to women.

Embarambamba said that he is not bothered by the criticism. He said that he is just trying to “express himself” and to “challenge people’s perceptions.”

“I’m not trying to be anyone else,” Embarambamba said. “I’m just being myself.”

Embarambamba’s decision to wear a skirt is a reminder that gender stereotypes are still very much alive in our society.

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