Nairobi Tops Lonely Planet’s List as Premier Global City Destination

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Nairobi, often known as the ‘Green City Under the Sun,’ has achieved global recognition as the world’s leading city destination, according to travel guide publisher Lonely Planet.

Kenyan President William Ruto expressed his delight at this acknowledgment, citing the government’s endeavors to boost Kenya’s global profile and highlighting the city’s vibrant blend of cultural heritage and cosmopolitan trends.

In a momentous achievement for Nairobi, the city has been declared the foremost global city destination by renowned travel guide publisher Lonely Planet. This recognition was met with enthusiasm and delight by Kenyan President William Ruto, who attributed it to the government’s unwavering commitment to showcasing Kenya on the global stage.

In expressing his delight, President Ruto stated, “The world is listening. Our effort to use every local and global opportunity to profile Kenya as a competitive destination has elicited highly inspiring feedback from Lonely Planet which has recognized Nairobi as its top global city destination. We agree wholeheartedly with this assessment and positive feedback from a global authority on matters travel and tourism.”

The President underscored the success of various initiatives aimed at drawing investors, innovators, and tourists to Kenya, highlighting the city’s unique combination of global cosmopolitan influences and a rich cultural heritage, harmoniously interwoven with a dynamic youthful spirit.

Nairobi, often referred to as the ‘Green City Under the Sun,’ was lauded for being Kenya’s vibrant and dynamic heart, where dreams are conceived and pursued, and a better present and future are imagined and constructed.

President Ruto also emphasized the immense benefits that this recognition would bring to Kenya’s tourism sector, solidifying Magical Kenya’s position as an alluring destination for those seeking an unforgettable and immersive experience.

He extended a warm invitation to individuals worldwide to explore Kenya, emphasizing its unparalleled and exceptional character.

According to Lonely Planet, Nairobi is the top city to visit in 2024, surpassing renowned global cities such as Paris (France), Montreal (Canada), Mostar (Bosnia), and Philadelphia (USA), all of which secured spots in the top five of the list.

Furthermore, Lonely Planet ranked Mongolia as the top country to visit in 2024, with India, St. Lucia, Mexico, and Morocco following closely in the top five.

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