Millions of Ethiopians Face Starvation as US, UN Suspend Aid

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Millions of Ethiopians are facing starvation after the United States and the United Nations suspended aid to the country. The aid was suspended after it was revealed that millions of dollars in aid had been stolen by government officials.

The suspension of aid has left millions of people without food or access to healthcare. The World Food Programme has warned that 10 million people in Ethiopia are facing food insecurity, and that 4.5 million people are at risk of famine.

The suspension of aid is a major setback for the fight against hunger in Ethiopia.

The country has a long history of famine, and millions of people have died from starvation in recent decades.

The current crisis is particularly acute in the Tigray region, which has been at war with the Ethiopian government since 2020. The war has caused widespread displacement and destruction, and millions of people in Tigray are in need of food and other assistance.

The suspension of aid has made the situation even worse. The World Food Programme has warned that the number of people facing famine in Tigray could double to 9 million in the coming months.

The Ethiopian government has said that it is committed to providing food and other assistance to those in need. However, the government’s track record in providing aid is poor, and there are concerns that the suspension of aid will have a devastating impact on millions of people.

The international community must do more to help Ethiopia avert a famine. The United States and the United Nations should lift the suspension of aid, and they should provide additional funding to help the Ethiopian government and humanitarian organizations provide assistance to those in need.

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