Kino Yves’s Net worth

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Meet Kino Yves, the globetrotting French adventurer born in 1985, now a 38-year-old engineer turned electric trike explorer.

With a background in Sea Tech and stints on French cable ships, Kino has clocked in 2 years in gas and ventured across the globe for 2 and a half years. Following this, he freelanced in Indonesia for 3 years and another year in America.

In June 13th 2021, Kino Yves kicked off his YouTube journey, documenting his global escapades on a three-wheeled electric bike. From the heart of Africa, he plans an epic journey down to South Africa along the east coast, looping back to Europe through Africa via the west coast – a colossal 5 to 7-year expedition that culminates in India.

Kino Yves on a trike in his journey map

Single and unattached, Kino treasures his freedom, preferring sporadic texts over constant communication with family and friends. Navigating through remote African landscapes, he relies on offline maps and occasionally consults Google Maps.

With a thriving YouTube channel earning him estimates of $10,000 monthly, Kino’s net worth is soaring, complemented by support from fans and viewers. His mantra? “Let’s experience freedom!” Follow his adventures on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok – and if you’re feeling generous, he’s open to donations. Join Kino Yves as he embodies the spirit of exploration and embraces the call of the open road! #ExperienceFreedom.

Net worth

As highlighted, Kino Yves pulls in a monthly income of $10,000 from his YouTube endeavors and estimates his net worth to be substantial, a different source pins his YouTube channel’s net worth at $171,942 as of November 19, 2023.

Adding a layer of community support, he embraces donations and backing from his fans and viewers. These contributions further enhance his financial landscape, making his journey not just a personal adventure but a shared experience with those who appreciate his explorations.

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