Amazon sued for tricking customers into subscription service

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  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has sued Amazon for tricking customers into signing up for its Amazon Prime subscription service.
  • The FTC alleges that Amazon misled customers about the terms of the subscription service and about how to cancel it.
  • The FTC is seeking a court order to stop Amazon from continuing to trick customers and to refund the money of those who were misled.

The FTC’s lawsuit against Amazon is a major development in the fight against subscription fraud. The lawsuit alleges that Amazon engaged in a number of deceptive practices in order to sign up customers for Amazon Prime.

For example, the FTC alleges that Amazon told customers that they could try Amazon Prime for free for 30 days, but that the subscription would automatically renew after the 30 days unless the customer canceled it. However, the FTC alleges that Amazon made it difficult for customers to cancel their subscriptions.

The FTC’s lawsuit is a reminder that consumers should be careful when signing up for subscription services. Consumers should read the terms of the subscription carefully and should make sure that they know how to cancel the subscription if they no longer want it.

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